Who I Am

My name is Izobel Freeman. I am an Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, an Artist, a Practical Shaman and a Conscious Creator. I am fascinated by the Shiny that exists in everyone, and I love to touch the Center of All Things. My interests include anything that brings one closer to direct experience of the Divine.

In the Services section above, you’ll find my heart-based and loving intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Readings. I have several options available, ranging from basic 1-card and 3-card readings to much more complex and in-depth spreads that include from 9 to over twenty cards! All specially-named spreads (ex. my “Short Cuts” and my “Quick Cross” spread) are © myself, Izobel Freeman. I have designed these card layouts to deliver the most insightful reads possible. Please select the option that speaks to you most. I look forward to serving your Highest Good. 💖

Some things you may want to know before interacting with me: I have the ability to see the Divine Shiny inside of anyone. Call it your Higher Mind, your Inner Being, your Avatar, your Radiant Self, your Future Self or your Superhero Self: I can see it. This means I will usually try to talk to that divine part of you, and not to what I like to refer to as “The Coconut”, meaning your Ego, your Rational Mind, your Single-point Consciousness, your Frontal Lobe, your Left Brain, or the Monkey Mind. My tendency to focus only on the Divine Self can sometimes be quite unsatisfying for those who consider themselves strict empiricists, or for those who are still running a Fear-based Operating System in their consciousness, so be aware:

I care Deeply, and Not At All.

I am a heart-based and mystical being. This means I care Deeply about your divinity, your joy, your desires and your dreams, and Not At All about your excuses, your justifications and your limiting beliefs. I have great compassion, but I am not here to reinforce What Is. I would do a great disservice to you and everyone if I were to focus on current “reality” rather than What Could Be.

I am here to share my Radiant Self because it brings me joy. By sharing, I know I am playing my part in the Divine Game. I’m excited to see where this magical path will lead me; I’m sure somewhere amazing! After all, in the end we all come home to Love.

You who have come here, I acknowledge your inner Greatness. Stay and play if you feel inspired. May we all be more ourselves than we were yesterday, and may all conscious beings find Bliss!




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