As I mentioned in a previous post, some time in early to mid 2011, I began seeing number and timestamp synchronicities, primarily 11:11, followed closely in frequency by 3:33, with other aligned numbers less often, but still frequently enough so that a pattern emerged. At that time I had no idea there were other humans on Planet Earth who had been experiencing the same kinds of “coincidences”. But a cursory search online revealed that not only was I not alone, but many, many others were finding themselves connecting with groups of matching numbers: 111, 222, 333, etc.

Overwhelmingly the most common number sequence being documented was the mysterious and pervasive “11:11“. The ubiquitousness of this particular synchronicity was mind-boggling, and every time I experienced it, it gave me a little thrill, like I’d secretly been initiated into some Cosmic “in-club”, or psychically “leveled up” in some fashion.

The first time 11:11 and I were formally introduced was on the Playa in Black Rock City, Nevada. It was 2010, my first year at Burning Man, and during a nighttime excursion, I encountered the 11:11 Monument. This monolithic piece of art by Robert Wethington and Erik Christensen was situated in an area called Deep Playa at 11:11 on the metaphoric clock face which serves as the layout for Black Rock City.

11:11 was a deceptively simple-looking but large and powerful structure, imposing and dark. It was between 15 and 20 feet tall and made of welded steel, pierced in places with cutouts, some of them glyph-like images, and some of them small “11:11’s”. At night, this behemoth was lit from within and would shoot four beams of intense light up into the sky out of the tops of the 11’s. As you approached the structure from across the Playa, it seemed silent and brooding, but once you got close enough, you could hear the transcendent notes of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of The Moon playing from inside. Out in the relative calm of Deep Playa, (in contrast to the maelstrom of light and sound that is The City) the liminal quality of the space around 11:11 was calm, serene, and mesmerizing. If not for the cold, I would have stayed in that magic and meditated. But instead I traveled on, nodding my acknowledgment to 11:11’s creators and to The Creator. This was one of many moments of wonder I experienced that year in the Nevada desert.

At that time, I did not know that number synchronicities were going to be part of my life. Since then I have learned that many believe 11:11 to be a Cosmic Gateway to a shift in one’s reality. I passed through that gateway, and my experience has not been the same since.

Merriam-Webster Online dictionary defines “synchronicity” as “the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality”. Something is synchronous when it seems to make “intuitive sense” instead of “rational sense”, like someone calling you while you were thinking about them, or turning to the exact right page in a book to read something relevant to whatever was on your mind. Seeing the same types of things pop up in your experience over and over as if they were “following you” can also be called synchronicity. If something is happening way too frequently to be labeled “coincidence”, it’s synchronicity.

In my personal Journey, I’ve grown accustomed to the fact that synchronicity is one of the ways that The One (Source) communicates with us. In the future, I will be sharing some of the synchronicities I encounter in posts in the category “Universe Talking”. It is astounding to me the number of times I have posed a question to Source and had the answer given to me on a billboard, or on someone’s t-shirt, or in some other “random” occurrence that triggers recognition within me. TimeStamp Synchronicities (looking at the clock at exactly 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc.) follow me constantly, and I have defined them to be playful little reminders that I am on the right track and that Source and I are giving each other a little “nod” of recognition. It is the same when I am inspired to glance at a building, only to find that its street address is 1111, or 2222, or when I find I have sent an email or saved a computer file at precisely 3:33, or 4:44, etc.

Some people try to assign objective meanings to certain numbers, and it’s true that it seems we as humans in certain cultures may have collectively decided that certain numbers mean certain things. I let those definitions inform me when it seems applicable or useful to me in the moment, but I prefer not to insist on one meaning for anything, because we and All That Is are constantly growing and changing. A belief or definition that was useful to us at one point in our development may become irrelevant later on, and as sovereign aspects of The One, we all get to decide on our own definitions and meanings.

For instance, I recounted in a previous post that 1’s and 3’s, and 11’s and 33’s, have certain connotations for me, especially after a mystical experience I had on 11-11-11, and I tend to see the timestamps 1:33 and 11:33 very often. To anyone else, these timestamps may not count as synchronicities due to the fact that the numbers don’t all match, but for me, the combination of the 1’s and the 3’s is a reminder to me that I can relax and feel worthy without needing to meet external conditions or sacrifice my own wants to fulfill the expectations of others. It’s the Universe’s personal little note that I can take a deep breath and trust in Wellbeing. 11:33 and 1:33 are like secret handshakes that The One and I share, and they need not apply to anyone else unless the person resonates with those same numbers.

Palindrome timestamps like 10:01 and 12:21 are also meaningful to me because they remind me that my Reality is a Reflection of my current beliefs and expectations, that the Omniverse (of which our Universe is a part) is holographic in nature, each Aspect of All That Is reflecting and containing the Whole. This concept of Reflection and the holographic nature of existence are things I am going to be addressing in future posts.

I also like timestamps that count upwards, like 1:23, because they remind me of the eternal expansion of All That Is, that we are all constantly growing beyond what we once were, and that the future is greater than we can imagine today. Our horizons are always expanding. 1:23 to me is a little note of encouragement that I have so much to look forward to, and always will.

Universe Talking

One of my most palpable recent experiences of receiving an answer from The One via synchronicity was in May of 2012. I was having some frustration with my psychic abilities, feeling like I was getting intermittent “hits” of inspiration which would usually pay off, but I wanted more. I wanted to feel connected more often and to get more specific insights; to be channeling a torrent instead of a trickle. I vividly remember describing to my husband that I felt like “a supercar without the key”, eager to get off the starting blocks and run faster than I ever had before, but feeling shut-down and stymied.

The next morning I had a meeting with a gifted intuitive named Terri Steuben, who had told me that I needed to “open my heart”, and it was true that at the time I was wrestling with the idea that if I opened up more, I would start seeing things that I didn’t want to see. I am by nature an empath, and quite sensitive, especially to the feelings of others, and to disturbing images that I can’t “unsee”. I realized that I was afraid that if I expanded my consciousness, I might have to deal with things like humans and animals feeling pain, and I didn’t want to experience that.

After I spoke to Terri, at precisely 1:33pm I was inspired to take a walk. I found myself drifting further and further south in Santa Monica, and realized I was on my way to Woodlawn Cemetery, a place I had never been, but was inspired to go now. On the way there, I stopped on a street corner to wait for the light to change, and saw there was a woman standing in front of me. The back of her t-shirt said in bold letters: “You are The Key.”

I wish I had a photo of that shirt, and of my face at that moment. Less than 24 hours after lamenting that I felt like a supercar without a key, here was the Universe speaking through a synchronous encounter with a stranger in a t-shirt. I almost turned around and went right back home at that moment, but was inspired to continue on.

I reached Woodlawn and found it nearly deserted, but sunny and peaceful. I wandered for a while until I discovered the enormous Masonic Monument behind the main mausoleum. At 2:22pm I found myself in the center of that monument. I sat down on the bench in the middle of the great “G” (symbolic of The Great Architect, a.k.a. God) and meditated. Drifting from meditation into channeling, I asked all interested Guides to come to my aid and help me open my Heart Processor and move from Fear to Love, since it was Fear that was holding me back, and Love would put me back into alignment with Source. Relaxing into complete trust of The One and any of its Aspects who were ready to Co-Create with me, I floated in effortless Bliss for as long as it was comfortable, letting the sun on my back radiate warmth and well-being into my core. I felt Gratitude for the sun, and the breeze, the bright blue sky, and the bench that someone had so thoughtfully placed there for me.

After a time, I felt ready to stand up and make my way back around the front of the main building, feeling like something new was in motion just beneath the surface of my life experience. Those of you who have read this post know that 2:22 is symbolic to me of Process, Transition, and Duality, so reaching the Center (of the microcosmic Universal reflection that was the monument) at 2:22 had significant meaning for me. It signaled that I was divided inside and in the process of working through something, but that the two halves would eventually become whole. I needed to trust that the answers would come in Divine right timing.

I decided I would focus on trying to feel Love and Appreciation rather than Fear, and that I would see where that would lead me. As I relaxed into that decision, I decided to call my husband and reward myself by going out with him for “Victory Ice Cream” (a tradition dreamed up by two dear and visionary friends of mine, TeaFaerie and Burning Dan, as a treat after a breakthrough). As I pressed the “call” button on my phone, I realized it was 3:33pm. As I explained, also in this post, 3:33 to me means Consummation or Reconciliation of Duality. It feels like gentle Surrender to Wellbeing, and acceptance of fundamental and cosmic Worthiness. As I had just come to a peaceful conclusion to move forward in Love and Trust, 3:33 was a perfectly appropriate synchronicity for that moment.

Victory is sweet.

There will be more upcoming posts highlighting the Universe Talking through Synchronicity. Stay tuned and comment below if you feel Inspired!

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