Awareness of the Law of Attraction has risen significantly since the 2006 publication of The Secret. The idea that one’s thoughts create one’s reality is not new. It is an ancient concept that was revered by alchemists and gained popularity in the later 1800’s with the advent of the New Thought movement, and it has continued to exert influence through the teachings of spiritual mentors, New Age practitioners and Personal Achievement gurus. The widespread success of The Secret brought the Law of Attraction to a mainstream audience, and since then, many more humans have been playing The Game with an increased awareness of the role of their thoughts in the creation of their personal experience.

Further study of The Secret reveals it to be largely based on Hermetic principles found in the The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus and its 1900’s successor, The Kybalion, in addition to other books written by New Thought teachers in the 20th century. The Secret also owes much of its content to the work of Esther Hicks, a channel for a group of nonphysical entities known as Abraham. Esther and her husband Jerry have spent decades documenting Abraham’s teachings about the Law of Attraction and the Nature of Reality as we know it, and Esther continues to channel for Abraham today. The earliest version of The Secret on DVD features Esther channeling Abraham, giving a simplified explanation of how to use one’s thoughts and emotions to evoke the life experience one desires from The Universe.

The Secret is a wonderful and uplifting introduction to Conscious Creation, and I highly recommend it, (especially the original version on DVD if possible) for anyone who is curious about learning to manifest their desires into their life experience. However, if one truly wants to master the art of manifesting and to consistently live life in Joy, one needs to go beyond the simple mechanics of positive thinking and learn how this 3D Game is actually set up. Knowing the rules of The Game and how it is structured can give you that extra push towards mastery, and at the same time help cement the deep and abiding sense of Worthiness you need to exist in Joy.

As I explained in this post, we humans are Aspects of “The One”, “All That Is”, or “Source”. We manifest into this 3D space-time reality in order to live fully as ourselves in this kind of environment, and each of our unique experiences provides Source with one of an infinite number of possible ways It can learn to understand and appreciate Itself. We are precious beyond reckoning and fundamentally adored by Creation; we all chose to come into this Game and freely create our experiences here, for our own Joy and for the enrichment and expansion of All That Is. Some of us may not remember that we were excited to come and Play here (regardless of what our life experiences might turn out to be like), but Source does not need any of us to remember in order for It to benefit from our existence. Every viewpoint, belief and ideology is treasured by Source as a Probable manifestation of the Infinite, and whether or not we remember our own Divine origins and nature, Source appreciates us all equally. Source is made of Love, and it loves everyone and everything Unconditionally.

From this Source of Divine Love spring infinite manifestations of Consciousness, forming all sorts of environments, objects, entities and events. Because All That Is includes every probability and possibility, an infinite number of universes exist. We live in one version of one of them. In this particular probability stream, The Game has been operating according to the rules of 3D space-time, and we have decided to manifest as humans on Planet Earth.

The 3D Game on Planet Earth is a challenging one, and it comes with very specific limitations on our normally Infinite nature as Divine beings. In this Game, in addition to agreeing to abide by the laws of Physics in 3D space-time, we collectively agreed to limit our consciousness by forgetting what we were before our birth, and by installing an Ego Construct in our consciousness that would enable us to have the experience of feeling separate from each other and from Source. This Ego Construct is an integral part of our experience as individuals, because it allows our consciousness to stay focused in one physical body in one stream of probability, rather than simultaneously accessing other versions of “us” in other universes, other time-streams, and even in other people! This apparent separation, as well as the ability to experience the Creative Process through the passage of Time, are some of the fundamental reasons we came to play The Game, because Source, being Infinite, experiences neither separateness nor Time. We are Its windows into these perspectives.

So setting up The Game requires implementing a series of limitations to funnel the general (the Infinite possibilities encompassed by Source) down to the specific (one 3D time-space Universe, one probability stream, one planet: Earth, one species: human, one continent, one country, one city, one household and one person: you). Once these 3D limitations are in place, we have established the playing board and the pieces for this version of The Game. We can then get on with living life as humans on Planet Earth, and Source can get on with appreciating the exquisite variety of experiences we are able to generate even within these relatively “limited” parameters.

Indeed, the purpose of this Game is to see what we will create in this 3D paradigm, and our individual experience of The Game is based on what beliefs we choose to accept about the nature of “Reality” and about what we are capable of creating here. Because we are born into the Game without knowing this, most of us do not immediately exercise our ability to choose our beliefs, and early on our psyches become receptacles for whatever beliefs are held by those around us as we grow up. Since this collection of beliefs usually contains some “positive” and some “negative” outlooks on life, the experiences we generate for ourselves are also “mixed”, so our lives often seem “random” and out of our control. We don’t see the Game for what it is: a Buffet of Beliefs that we can select from in order to generate an experience we prefer.

At some point, whether it is through The Secret or some similar selection from the Belief Buffet, some of us may become (re)introduced to the idea that we do in fact create our own Reality based on our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. If we grasp this concept and choose to integrate it into our psyche, we become “Awakened” to our roles as Creators in the Game, and we begin to exercise influence over our own experience. We start to behave as “Conscious Creators” rather than feeling like victims of circumstances beyond our control. As we focus more on choosing thoughts and beliefs that we prefer, we begin to notice something magical: over time our life begins to reflect back to us an experience that is more in keeping with our new collection of beliefs. By continuing to select better and better beliefs from the Belief Buffet, we can continue to upgrade our psychic software until we are generating such a Joyful outlook or psychic “frequency” that the Mirror of the Universe must reflect back to us a life of relatively consistent excitement and Bliss, and there really is no limit to how good it can get. This of course doesn’t mean that the options for less positive beliefs and experiences get taken off the Buffet, as Source loves Variety and freedom of Choice, but each of us is free to choose what we believe, and therefore what we experience.

Is this true even up to and beyond transcending the collective agreements we made to set up this 3D Game in the first place? Is it possible to bend space and time, or to defy gravity? I don’t know. I haven’t upgraded my beliefs that far yet. 🙂

A mentor of mine has often compared Conscious Creation to facing one’s own reflection in a mirror, and I have learned that you can’t expect your reflection to smile before you do. The more dedicated you are to upgrading your own psychic software with beliefs that empower you and make you smile, the more the Universe will smile right back at you, bringing you inspirations, interactions, objects and circumstances that match the shininess you are radiating from within. We are all GodSource in human form, and we have come to Play in this Game for the purpose of creating our unique and preferred experiences. Since we have ultimate and unquestioned freedom to Choose what we believe, why not believe what brings us the most Joy?

I encourage anyone who resonates with this post to begin today to see yourself as a collector of beautiful and uplifting Beliefs. The mirror of your life cannot reflect back to you a better experience than you can believe in, so how good can you believe it can get? Can you believe you naturally attract Health, Wealth, Relationships and Fulfillment because you are Beloved by All That Is? Can you believe that the thing you’ve been looking for is only a phone call or a chance meeting away? Can you believe that your dreams are ready to materialize once you upgrade that last limiting belief which will trip the tumblers and let your preferred experience in to Play with you?

If you can’t quite believe yet, it’s okay. It’s just time for an Upgrade. It’s time to sample the Belief Buffet and find something shiny to replace that pesky outdated piece of psychic software so you can start smiling and so the mirror of the Universe can begin to reflect back to you your beauty.

Here on, I have compiled a Resources page featuring some selections from the Belief Buffet that I have found helpful in upgrading my own psychic software. Please feel free to sample some of these titles if they resonate with you, and I look forward to hearing any insights you receive from this post, or from any of the listed Resources. Please leave comments below if you feel Inspired.

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