In my last post, I talked about the holographic nature of reality, and in previous posts I have also addressed the fact that there are an infinite number of universes, each with its own unique set of attributes. Our universe is only one of these, and to make matters even more mind-boggling, there are an infinite number of different versions of our own universe that vary from one another based on an immense probability tree that includes every possible outcome in our universe from its inception. For instance: somewhere in Creation there’s a version of our universe where you had something different for breakfast this morning, and somewhere, there’s a version of our universe where reptiles, not mammals, evolved to become self-aware, and we all have scales and tails! 🙂 The tiniest difference in probable outcomes can grow into a radical difference between parallel universes, and because the possibilities are infinite, we must assume that anything we can imagine and more exists somewhere, somewhen.

As incredible as this sounds, it’s also exciting, because it means that everything we wish for, everything we desire, actually does exist in one of these parallel “realities”. The question is, how do we get to the point where we’re experiencing our desires in this reality?

If you’ve been trying to make your dreams come true for a while, you’ve probably heard something about the Law of Attraction. It is a fundamental principle of Creation that states: “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” This basically means that what you put out, you get back, in terms of subjective personal experience. If you radiate love and appreciation, you tend to attract into your experience things, people, and events that cause you to feel more love and appreciation, and if you spend the majority of your time feeling worry, doubt, or irritation, you tend to attract things that will give you more of those feelings. This concept, as I wrote in this post, is not new, but has been understood by Hermetic thinkers since ancient times. Knowledge of the Law of Attraction resurfaced in public awareness during the New Thought movement of the early 1900’s, and was re-popularized with the release of The Secret in 2006. In the same post, I also explained that the Universe (actually all universes, and all of Creation, but for simplicity’s sake I spoke about one Universe, ours) is your “reflection”. If you really want to get down to the most fundamental level in your understanding of the Cosmos, you’ll eventually come to understand that “reality” as we experience it is actually taking place within consciousness, not outside of it. This means that what we think and feel have an effect on our experience; that our reality mirrors the beliefs, ideas and emotions generated by the consciousness of everyone in our reality. I will definitely be sharing more about this concept in future posts.

In this post, I want to talk about two useful ways of thinking about the Law of Attraction so my readers can more effectively generate the thoughts and feelings they need to begin to experience the reality that they prefer. There are a lot of models for how the Law of Attraction works, and most of them adopt one of two perspectives:

  1. What you desire may or may not exist yet, but you can Create it and attract it into your experience with the power of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs.
  2. What you desire already exists somewhere, somewhen, in the Infinity of Creation, and if you tune your thoughts, beliefs and emotions to match the frequency of what you desire, you will rendezvous with it.

Both metaphors can work, depending on how they feel to you at any given moment. The first perspective is the one that most people think of when they hear the terms “Conscious Creation” or “Attraction”, and it is the way most teachers of the Law of Attraction talk about the concept. It tends to line up more closely with our personal experience of working with the Law in our everyday lives, because we are living as single-point consciousnesses in 3D space-time, and our experience is one of passage of time and evolution of circumstances, usually from “not having” that which we desire to “having” it. Often when we are thinking about wanting to Manifest something into our reality, we begin by having no idea where it will come from or how long it will take, and it feels like what we desire may not even exist yet. Then, as we apply our positive mindset, our visualizations, and our conjuring of joyful emotions, over time we seem to attract the ideas, people, objects and circumstances that lead to what we desire. To us, it’s almost as if we remain stationary while the things we need come to us over time, transforming our reality. This way of thinking about the Law of Attraction is what I like to call “The Magnet Model” because it feels like you are a magnet pulling things toward you, and that your power to pull things toward you is dependent on your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. One nice thing about the Magnet Model is that it is easy to understand: You are the magnet in the center, and things you want are drawn to you.

The only challenge with this perspective is that it can require a lot of trust that the things you want will come into your reality from some mysterious “elsewhere” that you can’t see. It can feel like the Universe has a lot of hidden assembling of disparate pieces it needs to do before it can bring things to you, and you just have to take it on faith that this process is happening “somewhere” and that what you desire will come into your experience in a timely manner. It can feel a bit passive because you’re just waiting for things to arrive in your reality, and it can get frustrating, especially if you have judgments about how long it should take to receive things. This is where the other model I mentioned can become more satisfying.

The second way of looking at the Law of Attraction is more cosmologically esoteric and can therefore feel more alien to us as 3D humans, but is actually closer to the understanding that Source has of the Law. The metaphor is as follows: Because Source is Infinite, there are an infinite number of parallel realities within All That Is, and in one of these realities the life experience that we desire is already manifested, perfect in every detail. Because Source is Timeless, from Its perspective, everything exists as already Created in the Eternal Now. So the experience we want exists somewhere right now, if we just can get ourselves to exist in that reality. Because All That Is is made of consciousness, and we are part of All That Is, it is possible for us to “shift” our consciousness through parallel realities until we become consciously focused in the reality we prefer.

If this sounds complex and a little bit far-fetched, don’t worry, you’re not alone if you feel this way. As I said, this perspective takes a little getting used to, but if you sit with it for a little while and just let your heart feel it out, you might actually get to enjoy thinking this way about Manifesting. The idea is that we are Divine Beings made of pure consciousness, and that the reality we are living now is no more “real” than any dream we might have, or any fantasy we may enjoy, except that we’ve gotten used to being more fully focused in this reality than in others. It is our powerful focus that creates “physical” reality, which is why this reality feels SO much more valid and “real” to us than any other. But in truth, every reality is just as valid as the one we’ve chosen to be focused in, and we do have the ability to “shift” our focus to another reality if we prefer. We’re just out of practice doing it consciously.

So how do we jump realities? There are a few teachers of Law of Attraction and more than a few quantum physicists who would argue that we do it all the time, we’re simply not aware of it. One teacher I like to listen to for interesting additions to my personal Belief Software is Bashar, who is channeled by Darryl Anka. Bashar explains that Creation, being both Infinite and always in the Present, does not grow or change, but contains an infinite number of static realities, and that in order to experience Time or motion at all, we as consciousnesses are constantly shifting from reality to reality billions of times per second, creating the “illusion” of movement or passage of time. It’s like each reality is a frame of film, and we shift through these frames at high speed to create the experience of Change in our lives. If this is what we are actually doing, then we are already masters at shifting realities. We just have forgotten how to shift on purpose to a particular sequence of frames which contains the experiences we desire. The way to do this, of course, is by conjuring the feelings we think we will have when we actually live those experiences.

Conjuring the feeling of something in order to shift to a “new” reality can be likened to changing a channel on your radio or television, and for this reason, I call perspective #2 “The Tuner Model”. The Tuner Model assumes that what you want to hear or see is already playing on a station (a parallel reality) somewhere, and that if you just tune your receiver (your emotional frequency) to match what you will feel when you get the experience you desire, you’ll zero in on that channel and the experience will become “real”. While it could be said that this is a “weirder” or more speculative way of thinking about Manifesting, I actually find it exciting and empowering to believe that what I want is already real somewhere, and that I can “tune myself” to the frequency of something that already exists rather than waiting for it to be attracted into my reality. After all, the result is the same. Whether something becomes “real” by me attracting it into my current reality, or whether I shift my consciousness to a reality where it already exists, I have Manifested what I desire, and the model I use to think about it doesn’t matter as much as achieving the experience I want.

So there you have them: two useful ways to approach the Law of Attraction, the Magnet Model and the Tuner Model. I find it useful when Manifesting to adopt either of these two perspectives depending on how I am feeling, because the feelings of hope, joyful expectation, and fulfillment are key to achieving my desired experience, whether I think of the process as simply Attracting things into my one reality, or as me shifting myself into an already-existing parallel reality. Honestly, it depends on which feels easier for me to believe at the moment. Sometimes it’s nice to think that I am pulling things towards myself, if I can believe they are possible in this reality and that they will appear easily and relatively soon. Sometimes I need that extra belief boost where I tell myself the thing I want already exists, and I just have to connect with it by using my emotionally-charged visualizations to shift myself there. Whether you decide to approach using the Law of Attraction from the first or second perspective is not as important as whether or not you can generate a positive feeling when thinking of your desire. It’s actually the feeling that creates the “Attraction” between you and what you want. These models of the process are simply tools to help you feel more empowered while you Create. Whatever model you choose to employ at any given moment, the experience of manifesting what you desire will be the same: it will feel miraculous, you will enjoy the unfolding of events, and you’ll grow in the process. In my next post, I’ll go into more detail about using emotions to supercharge your visualizations, creating more rapid change in your experience.

I hope you have found these perspectives on the Law of Attraction useful, and invite you to post comments below if you feel Inspired. Thanks!

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