Dear Fellow Travelers, the ShinyAllTheTime Facebook Page and Twitter account are now live. As some of you already know, I started to share my Radiant Self and my personal Journey with whomever would like to share it with me. As I have Awakened and learned to live a more Joyful, Magical life, I have often wished for a site that would focus only on good news. I’m hoping that’s what the ShinyAllTheTime Facebook Page will become. I would like to hear about your Law of Attraction and Manifestation stories, your personal Victories, and any other Joyful, Generous thing. I want to hear how many people saw “11:11” today on their clocks. I want to hear about Love, Light, and Sharing. I want to hear how many kittens got rescued from trees, I want to know who fell in love, and who achieved their dreams. Who had a good breakfast? Who smelled the most divine flower, and who experienced kindness from another? Who had an amazing synchronicity, who connected with someone or something they just happened to be thinking about? At the ShinyAllTheTime Facebook Page, this is what it’s all about.

On both Twitter and Facebook, I’ll be sharing my own instances of Synchronicity and Magical moments when the Universe speaks softly to me through fortunate circumstances and “coincidence”. I hope my Sharing will bring you Joy!

Please click the Facebook icon on the top right, or click the image below to be taken to the ShinyAllTheTime Facebook Page.

Come and share if you feel Inspired!

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