…There was The One, and The One had a thought. It was the first thought, and that thought was, “I Am.”

This thought rippled out from its zero-point origin, expanding and gaining complexity, giving birth to All That Is, which encompasses all of Creation in all its many Aspects. Since All That Is is infinite, and The Infinite wishes to know Itself, It has devised infinite ways to observe and experience Itself from all possible perspectives.

You and I are each one of those possible perspectives. Our Source is The One, The Infinite, which is omniscient, omnipotent, and constantly vibrating in a timeless state of Ultimate Bliss. From The One, we, The Many, have come forth into this time-space reality to experience All That Is from our own vitally unique subjective viewpoints. We are each sovereign and separate, yet part of an infinite whole. We each represent one manifestation in one probability stream within a holographic matrix of infinite possibilities, probabilities and perspectives that make up the ever-expanding totality of All That Is.

In this particular probability stream, we are playing in the realm of 3D space-time, where we experience the linear passage of Time and the act of Creation through Process. Because The Infinite One exists in an eternal, timeless Now moment, It does not experience Time or Process. All things are already Created for The One. In order to experience the Process of Creation, The One must adopt a perspective which allows for the experience of Time.

This is one of the reasons you and I are here playing this version of what I like to call “The Divine Game”. We, as aspects of All That Is, are here to play The Game in whatever way we want. The One revels in each and every one of our perspectives. Because The One is Ultimately Blissful, getting to know Itself from every possible perspective is a Blissful act. This means that every aspect of Creation is evidence of The One at Play. All That Is is always at Play, dancing, singing, and romping its way through every possible experience and manifestation.

The One appreciates all of Its many Aspects, even the ones that we as 3D humans judge to be “negative”. All That Is is wise enough to know that without contrast, it would not be possible to perceive difference, and without difference, it would be impossible to fully appreciate any one thing. Therefore, All That Is does not judge any part of Creation. It loves the “negative” things just as much as the positive. It loves them for being parts of Itself, for It loves Itself Unconditionally. In fact, it could be said that All That Is or The One is synonymous with “Love”. It loves, not because the objects of Its attention are deserving of love, but because The One is Love.

So because The One is Love, we could say that All Creation, including our Universe, is made of Love. That would mean that you and I are Love in human form, here to play a blissful Game for the joy and expansion of All That Is, who adores us. We are Love and we are Loved. Isn’t that nice to know?

It is my personal experience that whenever I am able to focus on feeling Love, Excitement or Appreciation, things in the Game go well for me. Call it good fortune, luck or synchronicity, it happens. Things I have been hoping for make their way into my life. Interactions with others go more smoothly, and I seem to “slide” through circumstances that might be considered difficult. Maybe you’ve noticed the same phenomenon, or if you haven’t yet, you will. Just give it a try. Pick something that makes you smile, and hold it in your mind and heart. List all the reasons you love that thing, tell that thing “thank you” and just bask in the glow of your own gratitude. Do this for as long as it still feels good, then let it go.

If you make a habit of spending some time in that feeling as often as you can, even if it’s thirty seconds while you’re in line at Starbucks, you will start to feel the world shift around you. (Actually, it’s not “the world” shifting, it’s you, but I’ll get to that in a later post! ;-)) You will be more lined up with the stream of Ultimate Bliss emanating from Source, and that will begin to make everything just a little easier, because you’ll be “going with the flow” instead of fighting upstream. Going with the flow is like “using the Force”, or tapping into “the Tao”. Things just start to work.

In upcoming posts, I’ll be talking more about The One, The Divine Game and our place in it, and how to “flow”. If you feel inspired, please leave a comment below. I welcome your reflections.

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