FAQ & Disclaimers

Can I get my reading in sooner than 7 days?

I do my best to complete all readings as soon as I can. It takes a tremendous amount of focus and uninterrupted time for me to channel the best possible energy for your reading. Video readings also require editing and upload time before I can send you a link. Some weeks are busier than others and I need time to live life and take care of daily obligations. So I normally ask for up to 7 days to deliver a reading. If you absolutely need it sooner, please visit the Services Page and purchase the appropriate Rush Fee so I can justify prioritizing your reading over others. Thanks for your understanding!

Can I use the Tarot or Oracle Card spread I saw in your YouTube video?

All the spreads I use in my videos are © myself, Izobel Freeman. You can use them if you properly Attribute them to me, (meaning give me credit by name for inventing them), link to ShinyAllTheTime, and also link to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. For the correct Attribution information to post, please visit http://www.shinyallthetime.com/cc.

Why do you count 1:33 and 11:33 as TimeStamp Synchronicities?

1’s and 3’s and 11’s and 33’s have certain connotations for me, especially after a mystical experience I had on 11-11-11, and I tend to see the timestamps 1:33 and 11:33 very often. To anyone else, these timestamps may not count as synchronicities due to the fact that the numbers don’t all match, but for me, the combination of the 1’s and the 3’s is a reminder to me that I can relax and feel worthy without needing to meet external conditions or sacrifice my own wants to fulfill the expectations of others. It’s the Universe’s personal little note that I can take a deep breath and relax. 11:33 and 1:33 are like secret handshakes that The One and I share, and they need not apply to anyone else unless the person resonates with those same numbers.

Why do you count 10:01 and 12:21 as TimeStamp Synchronicities?

Palindrome timestamps like 10:01 and 12:21 are meaningful to me because they remind me that my Reality is a Reflection of my current beliefs and expectations, that the Omniverse (of which our Universe is a part) is holographic in nature, with each Aspect of All That Is reflecting and containing the Whole.

Why do you count 1:23 as a TimeStamp Synchronicity?

I like timestamps that count upwards, like 1:23, because they remind me of the eternal expansion of All That Is, that we are all constantly growing beyond what we once were, and that the future is greater than we can imagine today. Our horizons are always expanding. 1:23 to me is a little note of encouragement that I have so much to look forward to, and always will.


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