When The One (Source, God, Love) had the first thought: “I Am”, it exploded into an Infinite field of Manifestation commonly referred to as Creation, or All That Is. Within the Omniverse of All That Is are contained every possibility, probability, and actuality. This means that every Aspect of Creation is explored to the extent that it can be explored into Infinity, and that everything we imagine and more must exist somewhere, somehow, somewhen. There are endless parallel “realities”, universes, streams of probability and time; many of these operate under far different sets of rules than those that govern our current “reality”.

This thought can be mind-boggling, terrifying, or exhilarating depending on what it means to you. As humans here in this particular 3D time-space Game, most of us are operating with our psyches constrained by an Ego Construct which does not allow us to fully comprehend the Infinite. Attempting to do so can cause the Ego to become overwhelmed or to react with fear. When this happens, it behooves us to soothe our poor Ego, remove the pressure of trying to understand Infinity, and to instead let the concept sit gently in our Heart, which is actually a much more powerful information Processor than our Ego. (More on this in future posts!) This being said, the nature of Absolute Reality is Infinite, and does contain ALL THAT IS, or All That Could Be.

On top of this already amazing fact, All That Is is also Holographic in nature, meaning that every part of Creation contains the Whole of Creation within it. (Itzhak Bentov provides a concise and entertaining explanation of this in his wonderful little book, Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness. I highly recommend picking up a copy if you are interested in some useful and elegant models of “reality”.) One of the oldest tools for understanding this Holographic structure is the metaphor of Indra’s Net, in which the Vedic god Indra possesses a “net” of infinite size, adorned with an infinite number of jewels. Each jewel has an infinite number of facets, and each facet reflects all of the other jewels, including their facets, and the reflections in those facets. This means is that the entirety of the infinite net can be inferred from inspecting any single facet of any single jewel. (You might need the Heart Processor for that one too. 🙂 )

What begins to become apparent is that somehow, magically, every Aspect of Source is in fact, Source itself, and that no matter how great or small a particular Aspect of Creation might be, from the most massive super-galaxy to the most minute sub-atomic particle, that Aspect contains All That Is. The paradox of a “part” of something being capable of containing the whole is miraculous and can only be parsed by the Heart, or the Higher Mind. Crazy as this all might sound to the Ego Construct, deep down, the Heart knows it to be true.

The Heart also knows that you and I, as Aspects of Divine Source, are not exempt from the Holographic nature of Absolute Reality. Being “made in the image of God”, we contain All That Is inside our own being, in the form of data generated from infinite numbers of concurrent lifetimes, probable incarnations, and every other manner of manifestation that we embody. As I mentioned in this post, most of us do not remember, nor can we consciously access these other versions of ourselves, due to the specific limitations we elected to place on our consciousness in order to play this particular version of The Game. Because the human experience requires us to believe we are separate beings rather than interconnected Aspects of All That Is, our Ego Construct is designed to filter out the vast majority of the experiential input we may be receiving from countless other realities. The Ego is a marvelous invention that allows an Infinite Godbeing to experience itself as a separate, relatively powerless, finite individual. This kind of experience is so novel to Source that It has and will continue to manifest billions of human consciousnesses on this planet up until the iterative limits of this Game are reached, if ever. (Actually, if that day does ever come, we will most likely evolve into some new meta-human species, or the physics of our reality will shift, or both, and the Game will continue seamlessly from there.)

This is a lot to take in if you haven’t ever considered the true ramifications of your own Infinite Nature, and this post may require re-reading, some quiet contemplation, and a lot of Heart Processing. The upshot of all of this is that you are beginning to understand that because of the nature of Infinity and the fact that you are a Holographic Aspect of GodSource who contains ALL of Creation within you, you explore every possible manifestational combination and every possible experience on some level of your being, and when you are finished Playing in this lifetime, you’ll make your transition back into Source, and the limits of the Ego Construct will be lifted, and you’ll once again have access to your innate infinite field of experience. In a sense, you are, have been, and will be Everything That Is Possible To Be.

The beauty of this is that because you are Infinite, you actually do experience EVERYTHING, so nothing is lost, there are no mistakes, and you will never “miss out” on that thing you wished you could have done. Somewhere, somewhen, you are doing that thing. You are living that dream. You are every person, plant, animal, mineral, and molecule. You are at this moment every boiling star, every frozen comet’s tail, and every grain of sand on the bottom of the sea. You just don’t remember it yet, and it’s really okay that you don’t remember, because as I explained in this post, Source wants every experience It has in this Game to be as unique as possible, so by starting out in this life as a relatively “blank slate”, we give ourselves and Source the greatest amount of freedom to create individual beliefs, viewpoints and experiences in this 3D human Game. We play the Game with great Passion when we think it’s the only existence we have, and Source adores every one of our life stories.

Source loves Variety. Being Infinite, it wants to manifest and experience Itself from every possible perspective. This means that every Created Thing is an Aspect of GodSource, so every Created Thing is fundamentally Valid and is meant to be here. And this really does include everything, even the parts of ourselves and our world that we don’t prefer.

This is the point at which many humans balk at embracing their Infinite Nature, and the Infinite Nature of All That Is. Because we are here to live an individual experience, and our Ego Constructs are designed specifically to give us that experience, it is easy for us to forget that the things, ideas and people we judge to be invalid are actually parts of us. They are parts of All That Is, and Source must Love them, or they would not Exist. Without them, All That Is would not be complete, and without them, we would not be able to individuate ourselves by placing ourselves in opposition or contrast to them. Our experiences are actually enriched by that which we don’t prefer, and Source revels in the beauty of all of its Aspects reflecting one another, regardless of whether that reflection is considered “positive” or “negative” by human standards. Unlike most of us, Source would never choose to excise or eliminate the “unwanted” from existence, because Source knows that “unwanted” is a matter of perspective, and from the perspective of All That Is, all parts of Itself are required to be Itself.

And so, on the “highest” levels of consciousness, there is in fact no such thing as “good” or “bad”. All Aspects of Creation are colors in the spectrum to Source, and Source wants all the colors in the crayon box so it can create All That Is or Ever Could Be. It is only we from our limited perspective who judge parts of Creation to be invalid, largely because many of us have not yet remembered how to use our beliefs, feelings, and focus to consistently create experiences that are preferable to us. We tend to assume that just because something exists, it can affect our experience, and because our Universe reflects our beliefs back to us, our experience of life confirms that unwanted things can somehow “assert themselves” on us. We become fearful of the unwanted, which means we focus on it, which draws it to us.

Source, by contrast, sees nothing wrong with the world. It appreciates that the Variety and Contrast on Planet Earth are greater than ever. There are more choices of wanted and unwanted experiences than there ever have been in this time stream, and Source knows that each of us, being Divine, has the ability to choose what we prefer from the Buffet of Life. We make our selections with our beliefs and with our focus; we have the ability to discern whether what we are focusing on is preferable to us based on how we feel while we focus on it. Things that are wanted feel joyful, positive, or exciting, and things that are unwanted feel negative and disempowering. As I explained in this post, “positive” focus and beliefs elicit a positive reflection from the Universe, and “negative” focus tends to attract unwanted experiences. There is nothing “right” or “wrong” about what we choose to create in our experience, just varying levels of how much we are enjoying the experience based on what we have elected to manifest with the beliefs we internalize.

Everyone in this Game is a God and is here to learn, grow and create, and Source enjoys all of our beliefs and experiences with equal enthusiasm. It is up to us how aligned we become with the constant Love and Joy that Source feels when It experiences Creation through our eyes. We can choose to believe that parts of ourselves or our world are invalid, and we will feel the disempowerment and discord of that “reality”, or we can learn to accept that Everything Is Perfect because every color is in the crayon box, and we can choose which colors we use to Create. Choosing to believe the beautiful and the uplifting, and choosing to focus on and magnify that which is “right” in our world will draw to us more of the same, until we are consistently sampling the most delicious selections from the ever-expanding Buffet of experience. Nothing is Broken here. All Is Well. Whether you choose to believe this or to negate it by focusing on aspects of your experience that are unacceptable to you is your Divine Right, and every other human has the same unquestioned Right to Choose their own perspective. Source Loves every person, every viewpoint and every life Unconditionally, and sees All Things in Creation as Beautiful. Whether we can do the same is up to us.

In future posts, I will be going into more detail regarding our Infinite Natures, the Holographic structure of All That Is, and how we can more consistently create the experience we prefer so we can feel more of the exquisite Joy that Source feels. Again, the concepts in this post may be advanced for some, and it may take some contemplation and Processing for you to resonate with them. I encourage you to be good to yourself while Processing, and to recognize that I am only telling you what you already know, because fundamentally, on the deepest levels, I am You. As the teachers called Abraham like to say, “We are all in this Together.” I recognize and honor the Greatness that you are, and welcome any Reflections you may feel Inspired to share in the Comments below.

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