As we explore this Game of being humans in 3D space-time, it becomes pretty apparent that most of us would rather feel “good” than “bad”. There is an inherent “rightness” to the feelings of peace, hope, joy and love, and anything less than these feels “wrong” to us, so much so that I would make the argument that the primary reason we do anything in our lives is to achieve a better-feeling emotional state. We decide we want something based on the feeling we think we will have once we achieve that thing, and the feeling we think we will have is usually a more positive one than we are feeling at present. Regardless of what methods we use to play the Game of Life, we are fundamentally seekers of Joy. “Good” feelings are satisfying to us, like we have somehow come “home” when we feel them.

In my experience playing the Game, I have found (amazingly) that very few humans stop to think about why this is, even though the seeking of a better feeling seems to motivate nearly every action we take. This thing that seems to fuel the entire Game is taken for granted, like it’s simply a big “DUH” that we should seek Love and Joy over anger and despair, but why is Love the home-state? Why does Happiness feel so natural to us, to the point that we throw fits if it isn’t present, and why are we willing to do almost anything if it means we can get it?

It is my belief that Love (Joy, Bliss, Ecstasy) feels like Home because this emotional frequency is the basis of Creation. In reading Itzhak Bentov’s excellent little book, Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness, I was introduced to the idea of “reality” being a holographic projection of consciousness. (You can read more about the Holographic Universe in this post, and I highly recommend picking up Bentov’s book if you are interested in some elegant models of reality.) In his book, Bentov explains that one can make a hologram by taking a coherent light source like a laser, and splitting its beam into two beams. One of these beams, called the “reference beam”, stays consistent and unchanged, while the other, which Bentov names the “working beam”, encounters an object, (say, an apple), before reuniting with the reference beam and being recorded onto a photographic plate. Interacting with the apple introduces change into the working beam, and the subtle differences between the two beams produce an interference pattern that contains the information needed to produce a perfect 3D image of the apple.


Making A Hologram


In this highly simplified example, it is the difference in the experience of the two light beams that produces the hologram, and I believe that a similar mechanism is in effect when I consider the complex and beautiful holographic projection that we experience as “reality”. Anyone who studies light or sound, or the interactions of waves in a medium like water, knows what an interference pattern is, and anything that vibrates or oscillates can generate a frequency which then can interact with other frequencies, producing a field of “holographic” data.

I think the holographic model is a useful metaphor for understanding the structure of All That Is. When The One (Source, God, All That Is) decided that It wanted to experience Itself from every possible perspective, it split the “reference beam” of its own Consciousness into an infinite number of working beams, each possessing a unique viewpoint. You represent one of those viewpoints, and so do I, and so does every other manifestation in Creation, from stars to sub-atomic particles. Each manifestation of this Divine Consciousness radiates a frequency, which is a product of its own experience, preferences and beliefs. When this frequency interacts with the frequencies being generated by other Aspects of Consciousness, an exquisitely detailed interference pattern is generated, which we call “reality”. The One has, in effect, projected a hologram of Itself out from Its origin point, and this hologram encompasses the entirety of All That Is, or Ever Could Be.

So what does this have to do with Love and Joy, and our need to feel them? It is my belief that the native frequency of Source, (its “reference beam” frequency), is one of Ecstatic, Blissful, Unconditional and Perfect Love. I believe that Love feels like Home to us because it is the basis of who and what we really are. We are made of Source, of Godstuff, and we have come into this Game to be one of many “working beams” that have the experience of interacting with other perspectives and in so doing create the interference pattern of “reality”. Without our perspectives, Source would not be having an “experience” at all. Through us, It projects an Infinite Hologram of Itself and explores this beautiful projection from every possible angle. Being Everlasting and Timeless, Source consistently generates its “reference frequency”, providing a stable, Loving background or “stage” for us to act upon, and through our eyes, Source is able to Appreciate the “reality” we create.

What is interesting from the standpoint of Source, and often frustrating from our own perspective, is that for us to perceive something, there must be difference. We cannot experience anything without the contrast provided by its opposite, so in order to project a hologram of Itself, Source has to “split” part of Itself off to form a working beam, creating difference in that beam by introducing varying levels of frequencies that are NOT Perfect Love. There would be no image, no “reality” at all, if our frequencies as the “working beams” were always in harmony with the Perfect Love of Source. In order to be in any way different from The One, we must have at least a tiny bit of “discord” in our own frequency, creating the interference pattern necessary to have the experience of being “separate” from the Divine Oneness. Depending on how sensitive we are, this discord can feel like anything ranging from just not feeling quite as happy as we could, through peace and contentment, to mild uneasiness, to irritation, to explosive rage, all the way on down to deep despair and self-negation. The full spectrum of emotional frequencies in the interference field of Infinite Consciousness has not been mapped, and may in fact be Infinite. The paradox of existence is that everything is fundamentally made of Love, but somehow things are able to manifest as if they were something other than Love, in order to generate the Contrast needed for the Source of Love to have an experience. And that Source Loves It All, even when we don’t.

This difference between our own experience and that of Source is the reason I believe we are almost always seeking a better-feeling emotional state while we are here playing the Game. In order to play the Game at all, we must be slightly out of alignment with Source, and that means there is always a part of us that longs to go home to Perfect Love. This is of course what we all do once we’re finished exploring our life perspectives, when we transition out of this experience. We all go home to Love. (It is also my hypothesis that because our true nature is Perfect Love, we don’t wish to stay apart from that pure Love indefinitely, which is why our experiences within the Game are finite. Love is forever, while that which is slightly different from Love must be ephemeral by contrast.)

Does this mean that we can never be happy while we’re here playing the Game? Absolutely not! We as humans have yet to imagine the levels of Joy and Love we are capable of achieving, even if we don’t reach “perfect” alignment, because the emotional frequency of Source is so high as to be Infinitely high, Infinitely Blissful. To be in even the general vicinity of this vibration is to experience Ecstasy. This means that all we need to do to experience more fulfillment is to get ourselves to feel just a little bit closer to how Source feels. We don’t have to get all the way to the top for things to be really, really good for us. In fact, any emotional state from Peace on up is enough for us to begin to Resonate with our Home frequency, and it is relatively easy to get to Peace. It is possible to achieve a Peaceful emotional state in fifteen minutes of meditation, and once we become adept at maintaining a relatively consistent state of Peace, it becomes much simpler for us to move further up the scale of emotional frequencies by choosing to focus on thoughts and things that feel good to us. The better we become at generating a more Joyful frequency on purpose, the more we Resonate with that which we truly are, and the more our experience of the Game can become like “heaven on Earth”. The higher the emotional frequency we achieve, the more we are fine-tuning the interference field of our experience. We in effect become connoisseurs of good feelings; Advanced Players in the Game who are able to appreciate the subtlest of differences between our perspectives and that of Source.

How high can we go and still remain in the Game? I don’t know, but I believe that legends of mystics, prophets and other spiritual athletes who have achieved “enlightenment”, “satori”, “rapture”, “ascension”, or have been “carried up into Heaven” are stories about human Aspects of Source who have somehow managed to raise their own emotional frequencies so high as to be indistinguishable from Source, and so have merged with The One, or that which we call God. Some of these spiritual athletes choose to maintain a tenuous sense of individuality (the most minute difference in frequency from The One) in order to remain in the Game as teachers, while others choose to transition out of the Game and go Home. There is no “right” way to play, because Source, being made of Unconditional Love, adores every perspective.

We get to choose how close we get to the frequency of our Divinity, and the amount of Love or Joy we can consistently achieve determines our experience of the Game. The more Love we feel, the more we Harmonize with All That Is, and the more Blissful our experience of Life becomes. With a little practice, we can begin to see Creation as Source or God sees it, and we can get so close to the vibration of Source that we are nearly indistinguishable from it. What will the world look like to us then? I believe this is what many of us are here to find out. We’re here to explore just how good this Game can get, and there’s no end in sight so far! What an exciting prospect!

This post may contain advanced material for some, and I encourage you to sit with these ideas and hold them gently in your Heart Processor for as long as you need to achieve Resonance with them. If you don’t find them useful, feel free to ignore them and find models of reality that feel more natural to you. I felt inspired to share them because they have been so helpful to me in appreciating the awesome Mystery of the Infinite Hologram of Creation, and in cementing my understanding that Love is the basis of All That Is. I will be going into more detail on some of these concepts in future posts. If you feel Inspired, please leave comments below. Thank you!

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