Welcome to ShinyAllTheTime.com! This site is my gift to myself, to the human collective, and to the Universe. If you are here, you are meant to be, for there are no accidents.✨

This is a place to celebrate the wonder of Being. Here, I want to share my radiant self with others who are Awake, who have caught a glimpse of their own Divinity and who have begun to shine from within. If you are here, you know deep down that you are much more than you appear to be, that you are beloved by the Universe and that you are powerful beyond measure. If you are here, at least part of you is already aware of your role as a conscious creator in this Divine Game we are all playing with one another. Thank you for coming to play here.

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

In the Services section, you’ll find my heart-based and loving intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Readings. I have several options available, ranging from basic 1-card and 3-card readings to much more complex and in-depth spreads that include from 9 to over twenty cards! All specially-named spreads (ex. my “Short Cuts” and my “Quick Cross” spread) are © myself, Izobel Freeman. I have designed these card layouts to deliver the most insightful reads possible. Please select the option that speaks to you most. I look forward to serving your Highest Good. 💖

Words and Pictures Blog

If you’re interested in my thoughts on Cosmology, Self-Actualization and Conscious Creation (Law of Attraction), you may first want to visit a few of my introductory posts, to get a feel for how I view the Cosmos and see if where I am coming from resonates with you. I recommend you start with my very first post: “In The Beginning…“, then move on to “Why We Did This To Ourselves, a.k.a. ‘Why Are We Here?’“. If you read those two posts and you feel like you resonate with some or all of what I share there, you may confidently explore the rest of my content, secure in the fact that we are on the same page, or at least traveling in parallel probability streams. 🙂

May your days be filled with Love and Wonder.

Izobel Freeman


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